Thank you everyone who has posted a message on Facebook, our website and forums around the world. We have been very grateful for the words of admiration, the expressions of grief and the support for Steve’s wife, Deb Harris. She reads every single one of them posted here and on and they are giving her much needed support at this difficult time. It’s been a great comfort for Deb and us, Steve’s bandmates, to read the accounts of people who were inspired to learn the guitar after hearing Steve play, and the fans who remember Shy, and Steve in particular, so fondly. Keep them coming. XX

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  1. My thoughts obviously are with Debbie & Steve’s family. My memories are from a time long ago, when Shy used to headline the Marquee on Charing Cross Road. I used to make a lot of those shows and always remember Steve as the ‘cool one’. He used to peel off fluid, melodic guitar solos, on after the other, with ease. You could just tell he was the brains behind the outfit. When news of this magnitude comes, it makes you think how lucky you are. I have been lucky to witness Steve in full flight. Fly to the angels Steve.

  2. Hi,
    it’s always an earthquake reading this news, so much time has been passed since I found out from a friend of mine records like “Excess All Areas” and “Brave the Storm”…no words to comment such a sadness I felt on this news. My thoughts to Steve’s family, thanx for all the great music you created, you are now a star in the sky…….thank you from the deepest part of my heart.

  3. I First met and played with Steve when he was 15,both of us Michael Schenker Freaks. He was then and all the time I knew him through his Shy days, a person that had time for everyone.
    I am fast approaching my 50th year, and there are people in life that get a comment ‘he/she is one of the nicest people I know’ With Steve that was very true, in my top 2 nicest people I knew.
    When others would mock or backstab, Steve would give you his time, and his thoughts, and even if you played him a bad riff or song idea, I never knew him give a bad remark. Steve was a true musical genius, he always amazed me, and his song writing ability was phenominal the world will likely never hear the scratch on the scratch of the surface that Steve Harris was, as a Friend, a person, a guitarist and songwriter.
    My thoughts are with Steve’s family and the band he leaves behind.
    Steve has been in my thoughts for a long time, and will forever continue to be.

  4. Steve Cartledge

    November 2, 2011

    Have just heard the news and like many others can’t believe it.

    Back in the Trojan days I was the guitarist when steve was auditioned and even back then he showed he had a great talent and boy what an awesome guitarist he turned out to be. Having just acquired the new album I was so impressed and was really hoping they would be touring so I could catch up with him and reminisce…

    I know it was along time ago but he was a great guy, my thoughts go out to his family.

  5. Hello Debbie and Shy,

    I first discovered this band back in the summer of 1990, when I spotted a late-night airing of “Give It All You Got” on Headbanger’s Ball. I’ve been a die-hard fan since then, bought Shy’s entire discography from Europe and Japan, and have spun them in my radio show for 20 years. Steve was a great player and musical influence, every bit as good as the more popular shredders of that era, even if the album sales or popularity wasn’t as high. He had the hook-laden songwriting with memorable choruses to match. It’s quite heart-breaking to me because I’m hooked up with Connecting Music, got the new Shy CD, was spinning it every week, and had Steve on my radar to do a phone interview. The past couple years have been rough for me as well – lost my dad in 2009, lost my job in 2010, and have had other scary things too long to mention. Steve will continue to be in my prayers and on my playlist. May the love of Jesus Christ be with you. Prayers and condolences are ongoing for family, friends, and fans.

  6. Been a huge Shy’s fan since many years.
    Sadly loss.
    My condoliances to the family and his dears.


  7. My 4-year old son, Alfie, keeps asking if he can play ‘Daddy’s friends’ CD. He loves the latest album, apart from ‘Breathe’ which he says isn’t ‘rocky enough’!! Four years old!…I ask you!! Breathe is a fantastic song, made all the more special after hearing it at Steve’s funeral but Alfie prefers loud guitars!
    He knows that Steve was my school friend and delights in telling everyone about Steve when they hear my Shy albums (bless him!).
    I will be blasting our Steve’s music on Christmas Day in tribute to the great man and reflecting on days gone.
    Very best wishes to Deb and everyone else at this time of year. And to Steve… your music lives on through my little son. God bless mate.