The album is brilliantly produced, with a ton of vocal harmonies laid over several layers of keyboards and guitars, all held together by a solid rhythm section.
From the opening tones of Skydiving, the direction of this album is evident.
Big bombastic AOR in the style of TNT’s classic As Far As The Eye Can See.
It’s tried by plenty, but rarely is it held to this quality over the duration of 10 tracks.
What I like about the pace of this album is that while definitely a keyboard driven record, it remains uptempo and fast moving through most of the running time.
Things slow down for the big ballad Maryanne and the more complex Communicate, but generally it’s a fun, uptempo record.
Special note must be made of the songs Storyline and No Other Way. Both clock in over 7 minutes – giving them epic status. Both are great songs. Storyline is a haunting pop ballad, while No Other Way remains an uptempo rock track, with an almost stadium feel to it.
Andrew McNiece,

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  1. Song for song their best album.

  2. Fantastic, that’s all.