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  1. As a devoted and hardcore fan of Melodic Rock, I have many SHY CD’s in my collection. Lately, I have been enjoying the NEW Shy CD. The guitar work is just a-ragin’ and blazin’….all thanks to the extraordinary talents of Steve Harris. The news of his passing comes as an absolute shock! To Debbie, the band members, and to Steve’s family, please accept my sincerest condolences. As a tribute this weekend, I will be playing every song in my collection that bears the guitar tracks of Steve Haris. Peace and Love be with you! Sincerely, Robby Lane

    • paul standley

      October 29, 2011

      Really really sad news about Steve.Thank you for leaving a legacy that few bands can dream off.
      To all family, friends & fans of Steve, my sincerest condonances.

      Paul Standley.

  2. I’m almost lost for words.

    SHY over the years has delivered some brilliant melodic rock, and in Steve Harris they had a brilliant songwriter and wonderfully talented guitar player. When I was learning to play and develop my style back in the early 80’s, I listened to Ed Van Halen, Lynch, Rhoads etc. I also listened to and was inspired by Steve Harris. The brilliant new record “SHY” is a great testament to his and the bands talents.
    To Steve’s family, friends and band mates I offer my condolences.
    …thank you Steve. RIP

  3. Very sad news indeed. My thoughts go out to Steve’s family & friends.

  4. I´m shocked and very sad. To Steve’s family, friends and band mates I offer my condolences.I´m a fan of Shy and so Steve´s music since the first record. I´ve seen the band only one time in 1987 as support of Gary Moore. This is still one of the best concerts i´ve seen. I wish you all the best and strength for the future. Thank you Steve for so many fantastic songs,they make my life so much better. RIP

  5. I have really few words to say:Shy has always been one of my fav bands,one of those that deserved much more success.Steve has always been a trademark with that unique sound:you could say SHY were playing by a single note of his guitar.I was so happy to see a new album out,hoping to have a chance to see a concert at last.The last cd is incredible and I can’t stop listening to it.Really a sad day.Condolences to the family and friends 🙁 Rest in peace,Steve

  6. I had the honour of meeting Steve many times. Also to spend almost a full week in Norway a few years back at the Polar Rock festival. Lots of stories were born in Norway with Steve and the rest of the band. Special times and Steve will always be remembered as a true gentleman. Im going to miss you like crazy mate but you have left a wonderful legacy behind. I have the band logo tattoo’d on my arm…not even the wife has that honour !

  7. Met Steve and the band in Wigan a few years back at a Z Show. What a nice bloke and a brilliant guitarist. Have spent many hours air guitaring to the Shy solos and listening in awe to the talent of the guy. Listening to the new Shy album now and feel it’s his best ever work.
    My condolences and best wishes to the family and your Steve will live on to us fans in the fantastic legacy of work he left us.
    Take care,

  8. Very sad news.. thank you Steve for all your music, you own one piece of our hearts. To all family, friends & fans of Steve, I offer my condolences and the thoughts and payers of all the staff of the italian website melodicrock.it

    RIP Steve.

  9. Absolutely gutted ! Followed Shy since the early days of matching guitars and trousers, Posers in Erdington, the fabulous Chippenham showcase etc etc. Its the old old story – if Shy had been Yanks they would have been massive ! Put on your CD’s (or vinyl) and remember what a great songwriter this guy was. Cheers Steve. Thanks for the music.

  10. Steve Harris great guitarist great writer great bloke.RIP.

  11. John Budden

    October 29, 2011

    I only knew Steve for a short time – but in that time Steve made my wife and I feel very welcome into the Shy “family” – I, at a later gig asked Steve for a plectrum and he said – you dont need to ask – you`re family. Thats how close you were made to feel. The sadness and loss will be most deeply felt by those closer to Steve than we were but today the news has hit me hard and I am gutted that the world has lost such a great guy.

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  13. The irony of life. Few weeks ago, driving back to Rome from a concert in Prato (Florence), I was talking about Shy, their beginnings at Ebony Records and the new album, with some guys from my staff at Classix Metal magazine (Classix and Classix Metal are italian magazines specialized in new and old classic rock/metal).
    Memories and stories about the band were exchanged and we were thinking about a retrospective feature… contacts were made with their label… Then, as it always happens, we got distracted by the many different directions you have to follow when there are 2 magazines to take care of… Everyday a new band, everyday a new record, everyday someone asking for an interview, everyday a new sensation, just for a day… Such a shame. Always excellent, always dramatic and melodic, always electric and subtle, even when the spotlight of fame&fortune were shining somewhere else, Shy deserve your attention and a few hours of your time.
    As we always say at CM: rock history should be rewritten when you hear bands like Shy.

    Goodbye Steve, your music is here to stay
    Francesco “Fuzz” Pascoletti

  14. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful and heartfelt words, stories and appreciation of such an exceptional man. Steve would be so touched and completely humbled and honoured by everything you guys and gals are saying about him. He would probably blush! He was the most perfect husband a girl could wish for and I am fortunate to have shared 27 bissfully happy years with him (we were married for 23 of those years!). Steve made every single day a happy one….we were Soulmates, devoted to each other, shared a unique bond and so many similarities. We laughed at the same things and shared the same wicked sense of humour, bouncing off each other with our silly banter (sometimes behaving like a couple of kids!). Life can be so cruel and why Steve was randomly struck down with a brain tumour is a question that can never be answered. I always said if it had to be one of us I wished it had been me, but as you would expect, Steve always replied that he was glad it was him. I am and always will be so proud of who Steve was as a person, the respect he showed for everyone be them friends or strangers, the stoic way in which he privately dealt with this devastaing illness, for choosing me to be his wife and for being the quiet, unassuming musical genuis he was and I hope the music he created with Shy and especially the last album “SHY” which so many of us think is his best work and performance ever, will be enjoyed by you all for many, many years to come. Again, thanks to everyone. Love you so much Steve (but you know that my Angel) Deb xxx

  15. Thanks Steve, is by guitarists like you, so I started playing guitar when I was a child …. thanks for your songs and your magic …. that will remain forever in my memory.D.E.P

  16. For Steve,

    I have listened to Shy albums for years and the immediate hooks that always stood out was the phenomenal guitar playing I heard. He certainly had his own style and could blow many of the so called greats off stage today with the technical wizardry he had of the instrument. I had the good fortune to see SHY play live a few years ago and he was still shredding away as always. I have just got the new album and will continue to play it and endeavour to spread the word to the world about such a talented man who made such great music.

    John Clews.

  17. Vince Tyler

    October 30, 2011

    Hi. all would just like to add my condolences and horror that this has happenened, I came across steve’s music via the Friday rock show many years ago, whilst listening to the likes of George Lynch ,Etc. and was straight away blown away by his feel and tone and songwriting. I followed the band as much as possible going to most shows in London with my girlfriend later to become my wife and such places as the pheonix plaza in Bracknell and the Nags head in high Wycombe when things got tougher. I always wished Shy would make it huge as they deservered it more than most bands that did and one of my dreams was to be able to play a live concert with them as I am a bass player( sorry Roy, no offence,but you guys were living my dream at the time) Anyway I’m waffling. Steve was fantastic ,his playing could reduce me to tears and make me smile with it s brilliance. The new album rocks as did unfinished business, Britain has lost a fantastic talent!!!! if only more peolpe knew of him ‘he is a legend’nuff said. Vince Tyler Buckinghanshire.

  18. Sad news about Steve Harris. I have listened to his music off and on for years. My sympathies go to his friends and family. Rock in peace, Steve.

  19. Estoy muy triste por la muerte de STEVE,mis mas sentido pesame a su familia,al grupo a todos sus fans,entre los que me encuentro.Me encontraba muy
    feliz con el nuevo trabajo del grupo.Solo esperaba verle otra vez en directo,como la ultima vez en mi ciudad Madrid,difrutar de su musica con mis amigos.Descansa en paz amigo y muchas gracias por tu maravillosa musica……………

  20. I first heard Shy when Tommy Vance played “Break Down The Walls” on The Friday Rock Show and on the strength of that song I bought Excess All Areas. I was a beginner on the guitar at the time and Steve’s solos were a total inspiration.
    The new album is immense and if anything Steve saved his best playing for it… This sad news came as a crushing blow.
    Steve Harris will live on through the great music he left behind. He may not be known by every rock fan out there (though he should be), but there is no doubt he was one of THE most talented rock guitarists ever to come from these shores.
    R.I.P. Steve

  21. My deepest condolences for Steve’s family and the guys in the band.
    I simply loved your work along the years and you just left mother earth after such a masterpiece. You leave us with a marvellous record which will speak more than this silence in years to come.
    May your soul fly higher than eagles.

  22. Very Sad news indeed. I remember walking 6 miles to buy my first shy album as I couldnt afford the album and the bus fair (12 if you include the walk back!) Great memories and a massively underated guitarist and band. Thanks Steve for so many memories. You will live on im my car and in my home for many many years to come.
    R.I.P Steve.

  23. Hello: Of course I would like to offer my sympathies especially to the people close to Steve but also his friends and fellow fans. Also, thank you to whoever runs this website and the great comments/stories from people above about the great Steve Harris. Thank you!

  24. Andrew Hartley

    October 31, 2011


  25. I have a memory related to the name of Steve…I’m from a little town not far from Milan. Back in the old days of vinyl and cassette tapes (but there already were cds) I used to play in a heavy metal local band and I was hanging around in the only record store who used to sell heavy metal and hard rock records (BTW they were way too much expensive for my poor student’s finances). The seller, an Elvis’ and Beatles’ self-called fan, told me “look, there’s a new sensation band featuring Iron Maiden’s guitarist”. I was confused, I jumped and thought “What the hell?”. The band turned out to be SHY -I cannot remeber the album, I guess “Excess all areas” which I already had and loved so much-. I thought that it was too long to explain to the man that the man in the inner sleeve photos was not “that” Steve Harris and that his eponimous played bass in Maiden, not guitar……and walked out of the shop pissed off….. This little episode came in my mind after hearing the sad news, it’s only to say that also in my country, and since some decades, we appreciated the good work of Shy (a band that it would be truly unfair to call “minor” in the scene) and being a guitarist I personally loved Steve’s work on the 6-strings… I also agree when people here say that he left us with a stunning performance on Shy’s last album, I don’t know if it’s his best, but surely a rather mature and classy performance. R.I.P. (Rock In Peace) Steve

  26. Got into Shy from a free vinyl that came with Kerrang back around the release of ‘Excess All Areas’.

    To this day a week rarely goes by without me playing that album. Absolutely love the new cd, even on Friday before I heard the news I said to my wife whilst listening to it ‘You don’t hear solos like this anymore’.

    Never met Steve but my heartfelt condolences go out to his friends and family as they cope in these difficult times. I hope you can seek some solace in knowing Steve was much admired and respected by the rock community.

    Rest in Peace Steve, our love and thoughts are with you.

  27. Rest in peace Steven, and thank you for one more amazing album.
    My condolences for friends and family.

  28. RIP Steve.

  29. RIP Steve.
    My thoughts goes out to Steve’s family, bandmates and friends.
    God bless you Steve. Your music will live on forever!

  30. Andrew Davies

    October 31, 2011

    So sad to hear this. RIP Steve and my condolences to family, band members and friends. Steve left a great musical legacy.

  31. Been a fan of Shy since the first album Brave The Storm.THought then what a fantastic band and album, since then the band have gone from strength to strength, every album released got better. The latest peaked at the best. Steves guitar plying and song writing were fantatic. He will be missed. Best wishes to all of Shy and steves family. RIP Steve Harris.

  32. Carl Sharples

    October 31, 2011

    My sincere condolences to Steve’s family and friends. I loved SHY from their 1st album many years ago and have enjoyed every one since – the latest one has Steve’s best work – the best til last eh… Great band, great musician and fabulous songwriter…you will be missed. Thank you for your music, its positive impact on my life and the memories that it created.

  33. Terrible news. Fabulous guitarist and songwriter. Sadly underrated musician. Will spin some Shy CD’s today. Thanks for the music. Condolences to Steve’s family.

  34. Very sad to hear this news.

    RIP Steve and thank you for your wonderful music.

  35. dave staggs

    October 31, 2011

    very sad news the new cd is fantastic album of the year in my view.

  36. Dear family and bandmates of Steve and Shy,
    I’m so very sorry about the sad news, may GOD always keep Steve and you all. I Steve’s amazing music will live on always and I thank you all for the awesome music with Shy, especially also for the last Shy album with the incredible Steve: SHY, what a true masterpiece in AOR / Melodic / Classic Rock music. God bless you all, thanks for taking time, LOVE AND PEACE with you from Austria,
    Manfred RIP dear Steve!

  37. Dear Shy and Smith Family,
    I am saddened by the news of Steve’s passing. He inspired me to play guitar back in the 1980’s. I was compelled by his extraordinary talents. His music and legacy will always live in our hearts. He was the best and Shy’s last album was a testament of his creativity. May God grant strenght to family and friends in these moments of grieve. God bless Steve and his family.

  38. XS All Areas

    October 31, 2011

    I have only just learned of this awful news and I’m shocked and saddened.

    Shy were one of my favourite bands when I was younger and in Excess All Areas I still believe to this day it to be the best British album of its genre in the 80s. That was clearly in no small measure to Steve’s talent as both a song-writer and guitarist.

    Even though down the years my tastes in music changed, I was fortunate enough to stumble across the Sunset & Vine album a year or so ago which re-ignited my interest in discovering all other Shy releases during that interim period. I’m glad I did and I shall be buying the latest CD with a heavy heart but also in celebration of a truly fantastic musician.

    As talented as he was under-rated, but never to be forgotten. With condolences to Deb, family, friends and bandmates, RIP Steve.

  39. Florent Gauthier

    October 31, 2011

    … Shocked and sad… (really sad in fact). For me it’s just unbelievable… I was listening to the last Cd when I read the news ! I’m fan of Shy since the first Cd and the last one is just incredible ! We will miss you Steve… Thanks for your music, thanks for all. RIP¨…

  40. A very sad day but i also feel blessed to have been touched by steves music,without doubt the uks most underated players technical and emotional the perfect blend.
    Life really is cruel and we are all left wondering why,would just like to say thanx for the memories and to pass on my deepest sympathy to all his family and loved ones.
    Rest in peace Steve.

  41. RIP Steve Harris, very sad day for rock fans, thoughts are with his family friends and the many many Shy fans, another terrible loss 🙁

  42. Just saw the sad news on Magnum’s website. I have to confess, I did not know Shy were still around. What have I missed. The earlier music was superb. I have some catching up to do – but now we have the sad loss of Steve. I met Steve in Norwich many years ago & he was delighted to speak to me. What a brilliant underrated musician & song writer he was. My sympathies go to Steve’s family.

  43. Curtis McCraw

    October 31, 2011

    Am so sad to hear of Steve’s passing. I have loved Shy since the early 80’s and was lucky enough to see the band supporting Gary Moore in 87. My sincere condolences go to Debbie and his family and bandmates….RIP Steve, your music will live on for eternity.

  44. gary sondrini

    October 31, 2011

    I’m very heartbroken to hear about Steve’s passing.My condolences to his wife& family,bandmates and countless fans around this great big world.
    I’ve always dug Shy’s music and especially Steve’s guitar playing.When I found out Shy was back to making new music at the time “Unfinished Buisness” came out I was thrilled.I could’nt wait to hear what Shy still had up their sleeves musically speaking.I love that cd and Steve’s guitar playing was superb.When “Sunset and Vine” came out,Which is also a killer cd, I told myself if Shy plays any live gigs to support that cd I’m there.Well I made it to Coventry England to see them live, having had to travel from San Francisco Calif,USA to do so and by myself I might add.It was so worth it.Man they were loud and powerful.It was so cool to see Steve ripping it up during his extended solos on those great SHY songs.I was lucky enough to get some great pics with Steve and myself holding his Gibson Les Paul.
    I will always think of Steve and cherish my trip to England to have seen one of my favorite bands of all time which is SHY!

  45. Very sad indeed. I spent my formative years growing up listening to Shy and have a great deal of happy memories. I remember like yesterday buying the Brave the Storm album from Tom Russell’s shop in Bishopbriggs, Glasgow and made sure I got the free t-shirt. Admittedly I lost interest in their new work for a number of years but rediscovered them recently with the latest album which I think is superb. Lee Small brought a fresh start to the band and Steve has never sounded better. So sad as it it looked like they were going to be entering a brnad new phase of their career on the back of this new album.

  46. I am deeply saddened to learn the sad news. I came across Shy in the eighties, but think some of the best work Shy and Steve did was during the last decade. Love his work on Unfinished business especially. Thoughts go out to his family and friends, RIP Steve

  47. Wayne Price

    November 1, 2011

    Just logged in at work to find this terrible news. I went to school with Steve so I’ve known him since I and he were eleven. During our late teens we would meet at the Costermonger and drink a few beers while rambling on about Michael Schenker etc. It’s been many years since I last saw Steve., I moved to Worcester 25 years ago and, unfortunately with work/family commitments, we lost touch. He, as most people have pointed out, was a genuine nice bloke. Very talented and quite, no pun intended, shy. Genuinely shocked.

    God Bless, mate.

  48. Haven’t stopped listening to the latest CD and have been in awe at Steve’s playing so I can’t believe the sad news. Steve you are an exceptional talent who I am sure could have played with anyone in the world if so desired. Keep on rockin’!

  49. Shin Furuhata

    November 1, 2011

    I just can not believe this sad news… Finally I could not join SHY’s show because I’m living in Japan. Taking this opportunity I would like to thank you Steve. Your awesome and wonderful works/melodies will keep living in my heart forever. I really love your works.

    R.I.P. Steve.

  50. Catherine Budden

    November 1, 2011

    One of the 1st weekends after my husband and I got together as a couple, we went to Celtic Warriors. Not seeing them before, I was gobsmacked at Shys performance. Joe even wandered over with a couple of back stage passes, John and I couldn’t resist attending almost every gig we could. From small get togethers in the Madhouse to performing at the NEC etc
    My lasting memory of Steve along with his awesome guitar talent will be his long lengthy chats with us at these gigs and hearing stories about everything from Schenker to Roy Thomas Baker! oh and a bit of light Villa/Birmingham banter was always exchanged.

  51. ade big shirt!

    November 1, 2011

    i just heard the terrible news about steve. gutted. I had the honour of being in the roadcrew in the early days for this fantastic band…even getting to listen to rehearsals at missfire. they were ,and are ,way better than they ever got the credit for. when you look at the tosh around these days….
    steve had technique that made it look easy, and a great feel for the song. he always played the right notes in a solo,that always hit the spot… even live,i watched countless times and he would say after the gig was nit ok?! I thought it was effin awesome!! he was always humble and self effacing.
    back in the day at places like poseurs,gold diggers, the twisted sister tour,twelfth night etc there were notable guitarist’s looking on all wishing they were Steve Harris so they could rule the world…..they can still wish.

    RIP Steve

    top player.top writer. but above all…top bloke

  52. Andrew Frier

    November 1, 2011

    As Billy Connolly would say “Shocked and stunned ladies and gentlemen!”.

    Steve was a gentleman and one of the classiest guitarists I have had the pleasure to see live. I treasure the brief conversation I had with him when Shy played the Fairfield Halls in Croydon, and the many times I saw them at the Marquee Club. My thoughts are with Steve’s family and friends.

  53. Just Don’t Know What To Say………………………………Wish Steve’s Family All The Best These Day’s…..Bigg Hugg From Holland X

  54. Frank Brown

    November 2, 2011

    Very very sad news. My thoughts go out to Steve’s family & friends.

  55. tony planas

    November 2, 2011

    desde la coruña(españa)mi mas sentido pesame a ala familia,a migos y grupo de steve,al cual tenia mucha admiracion

  56. Steve Cartledge

    November 2, 2011

    Just heard the news and I like many others cant belive it! I was the guitarist in Trojan when Steve came along and auditioned, and boy what a talent he turned out to be. I have spent many years listening to Shy and having just acquired the new album was really hoping they would be touring so I could catch up with them and reminisce.

    I know it was along time ago but even then he was a top guy. My thoughts go out to his family.

  57. From Italy I wish to sincerely thank Steve for the MUSIC
    God bless you !
    My deepest condolences to his family, band mates and friends

  58. Cockroach Phil

    November 3, 2011

    I’ve already left a message on Shy’s Facebook page but I feel it is my DUTY to leave one here too. Steve will always be an inspiration for me. I recall trying to learn Steve’s solos for hours & hours !! And you know what ? This man wrote some of the most beautiful guitar parts in Rock & Roll, no less.
    And I’m not talking about the latest album, which is a fuckin’ Masterpiece…
    Debbie, I wish to present you all my condolences (I don’t know if it’s the exact formula) from my little house in Dordogne, France.
    Keep the fires burning, fans & family…

  59. Roberto Jiménez Sánchez

    November 3, 2011

    Hace poco que sus canciones me habian llegado mas allá del alma. Pero he tenido la mala suerte de tener que saber que se va un grandísimo compositor. Gracias por todo lo que nos has dado. R.I.P. Steve Harris.

  60. Wayne Price

    November 3, 2011

    Deb… Do we know the funeral arrangements yet? I’ve previously left a message but, if possible, I would like the opportunity to say goodbye to my old school mate. Thinking of you. Anything I can do, please get in touch.

  61. Just bought the new CD today, great songs. Was so excited since I am listening to this great music since their early days. Checked the website for possible tour dates in Germany and learned about the sad news. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

  62. Steve Hawkins

    November 3, 2011

    I’ve been a Shy fan since 1984 and was deeply saddened by the news. Steve leaves a legacy of great songs which form part of the soundtrack to my life, and no doubt many other people’s too. The latest album is possibly one of his greatest, in terms of his playing and writing. So to Steve,”thank you” for all the great music and memories and “sleep well”. My thoughts are with family, members of Shy and other friends.

  63. Run…..it’s the Wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Steve was a unique and unforgettable man in every sense of the word and the beautiful tributes of admiration that everyone has left in his honour are heart-warming.

    As Steve’s wife and Soulmate, I would describe him as….. loving, devoted, honest, happy, funny, respectful, calm, quiet, generous, attentive, responsible, protective, hardworking, achieving, nonjudgmental, charming, astoundingly gifted, artistic, creative, courteous, captivating, polite and wise.

    Steve never acknowledged his outstanding musical talent nor did he crave recognition and he dealt with the devastating illness that randomly struck him down with fearless determination and immense bravery….never once complaining of the cruel hand he’d been dealt. There was never any talk of us being parted, he was forever positive and because he was as strong as an ox and as fit as a 20 year old, he was able to deal with the gruelling treatment that those struck down with a brain tumour have to endure in an attempt to prolong life.

    Steve has and will always be my hero and what lies in the days ahead for me I do not know, but what I do know is that the unique bond that Steve and I shared can never be broken.

    I’m so very proud of my man!

    I would like to thank the following very special people who have been there for Steve and I, through the good and the very bad times and who have supported me through the horrendeous and life-changing event of losing him. Without these people, I don’t think I would be here myself….guys….I love you all:

    Ian Richardson (my Rock and an absolute star), Roy and Jaci Davis, Lee Small, Joe Basketts, Phil Docker, Claire Edwards, Andrew Warwick, Vicki and David Tait, Jane Dickinson, Steven Craven, Rita Eaton, Antony Blacker.

  64. Stephen Warren

    November 4, 2011

    Debbie,Wonderful tributes to Steve,I remember having a brief chat with him at a local bar in Norwich and how really down to earth he was.Been a fan of the band since they supported Gary Moore back in the late 80’s which was a wonderful gig with frontman powerhouse Tony Mills.
    Rest in peace Steve.
    Stephen Warren

  65. Kaalee Bailey

    November 6, 2011

    Genius Composer & Guitar playing Virtuoso.
    He may be gone from us now but he will never be forgotten.
    I so hope Steve realized just how much his music was & always will be appreciated by the many thousands of SHY fans the world over.
    His hard work & dedication to his craft has gifted us with a legacy of the most wonderful aor/melodic rock tunes ever written.
    The SHY back catalogue is unrivalled in its genre thanks to his creative force.
    Heartfelt Condolences to Steve’s Wife Deb and Family,all his Friends & ofcourse to all his SHY Bandmates both past and present who have helped Steve perform his magic.

  66. Anthony Wakeman

    November 7, 2011

    R.I.P Steve.
    I know that i never had the chance to meet yuh, but i am proud to call yuh family.
    Yuh always did what yuh loved and never took no for an answer.
    My Mom and Dad (Sue and Steve) told me about seeing yuh perform at the NEC and what a great performance it was.
    At least now yuh are at peace and not suffering anymore.
    While yur up there, say hello to Nan and Grandad Newhouse for me.
    Sleep Tight Mate.

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  68. Jude Harris

    November 9, 2011

    Steve is my cousin, I didn’t know him very well, but I do know that he was a very sound and genuine bloke. My brother Paul used to go birdwatching with him, and they had a real connection with each other, because of their love of twitching and guitars. i’m so sorry Steve, you were obviously such a talented decent man I wish I’d had known you better. Debs,I don’t know how you feel, but I know what it’s like to watch someone suffer, and it’s very hard. i think you are amazing, and i think the tributes that have been left would reduce anyone to tears. you must be very proud of your man. lots of love and a big hug Jude HarrisXXXXX

  69. I knew Steve and worked together in 1983 at Giro foods in Birmingham. I only became aware he was a guitarist as we worked together in the warehouse. He invited me to a gig in a pub next to the old cinema near small brook queensway and i marvelled at his playing. We lost touch and I havn’t seen him since,. I was sad to hear of his passing. I have often thought of him and he always said he would make it. The brightest stars shine bright, if only for the shortest time.

  70. Hi John Watts,

    Steve used to tell me about his days at Giro and I appreciate your kind tribute, thank you! You knew Steve before I did! You say he told you ‘he would make it’….sounds just like Steve, he was such a positive and determined person and any goal he set himself he strived to achieve it….including the fight against the catastrophic illness he had thrown at him – he never gave up. Thank you again and warmest wishes, Deb Harris x

  71. With sadness I learn of Steve’s passing. My thoughts are with his loving Wife Debbie who writes so beautifully here of her husband and the love they shared and the bond between them. The music will always remain, “Reflections” always a favourite of mine. Sending my deepest sympathies from Hall Green to The band and Steve’s friends and Family.
    To Debbie….Be strong and please take good care of yourself.Remembering how my visits to the dentist here are just not the same any more!!
    May Steve rest in peace and the comfort of friends and family sustain you in the days and months ahead.
    Roy Evans

  72. Thanks for that Roy, lovely words that are so appreciated. Sorry to hear dental visits no longer the same!!! LOL!!! Vicki and David are my closest friends and along with other special people, have been there for me throughout the nightmare that Steve and I were thrown into literally over-night. Having spent more of my life with Steve than without him, no longer having him by my side is not going to be easy, but I hope Steve will live on through me, I’ll do my best to make sure he does. Deb Harris x

  73. REST IN PEACE STEVE. You will be missed and have given me great joy with your music since the mid 80s when i first heard the band SHY .I have many great memorys of following the band to various venues , which included MARQUEE CLUB,HIPPERDROME,ROYAL STANDARD,etc. My best one is when SHY agreed to play a charity gig for me at NEWBURY COLLEGE in 1989 .I am sorry i was not there to pay my respects as i would have liked to have been as i did not know when and where it was to take place.My thoughts are with debs and family,and all the members of SHY .You were an amazing guitar player and still bring out goose bumps on me when i hear you play and that is every day .What a guy and what a band .You will never be forgotten……..

  74. Pete Budden

    December 4, 2011

    Manchester Apollo, Shy supporting UFO. Tony Mills sat on the edge of the stage and Steve playing the solo to Reflections. I was blown away, and a lifelong fan from then on. A wonderful song writer and one of the best guitarists the UK has ever produced. I have always described him as the best guitarist you’ve never heard of. He inspired me to pick up a guitar, I even finally tracked down my own copy of what I consider his signature guitar. Funnily enough, I can’t make it sound like he did. Tone, intelligent harmonies and great technique, and all demonstrated by the nicest, most modest guy you’d ever meet. I met him several times and he was simply class. Debs, you have lost one of nature’s natural gentlemen, and we have all lost an inspirational musician. His music will be there for us all for ever.

  75. Aunque lo sabias, “Ran Out Of Time”, te aferrabas a la vida, “Breathe” “Save Me”, pero todo salió mal, “Land Of A Thousand Lies”.Lo haré, “Pray” y derramó y derramaré muchas lágrimas por ti, “So Many Tears”. Mis condolencias a toda la familia de Steve y entre todos debemos cumplir su último deseo “Live For Me”. No lo dudes estarás siempre entre nosotros !!!!

    Descansa en paz Steve

  76. I met Steve as a teenager in 1979 when I moved from my homeland, Brazil, and lived in England for three years with my parents – professors and researchers at Birmingham University then. Steve and I went to the same school – Dame Elizabeth Cadbury. Sadly I`ve just got to know on Facebook – from our great friend and former school mate Rob Sweet – both of his passing away and his successful career. Steve`s talent used to amaze all of us then. But above alI I remember his peaceful, humble and always friendly smile, his absolutely spontaneous modesty and generosity. We used to have good laughs teasing each other like football fans. He “supported” Queen, Rob was a Scorpions fan and, myself a Who freak. Rob told me about his beautiful relationship with his wife Debbie. I wrote these former lines before reading her touching statement through which I realise Steve remained the same humble, clever and low profile fantastic human being who kept coherent and managed to do the unthinkable, as he struggled: dignify death. A lesson for all of us to praise life. Yes, Debbie, that question will never be answered. And, for a guy brought up by scientists, it`s hard to see a God behind good things like having met Steve. So it would be unfair to do it in regard to bad ones. Hope I`m completely wrong and Steve is now taking care of you and everyone he loved and who stood by him until the end. Wherever you are, Steve, thanks for having been here. And God, in case you do exist I quote Bertrand Russell when asked what to say if his atheism proved wrong after death – “I`m sorry, My Lord, no evidence, no evidence My Lord…” And thanks for the privilege of having met personally this very special soul that would be praised and loved by millions all around the world who weren`t so lucky and only got to know the icon. And, finally, Steve, I must insist,: “Zeppelin`s Page is better than Brian May and The Who are the best band ever, not Queen, mate.. Hahaha!” “Is it me? For a moment” I`m 14 again in 1979, and not this grieving middle aged man.

  77. John Farnell

    January 1, 2012

    Deb, as you know, Anita and I only heard the news about Steve yesterday. We are absolutely devastated. Thank you for the links. We sincerely hope that we can get tickets for the benefit gig. Please keep us informed. We have lived in Shrewsbury for 20 years now and desperately want to come along and be a part of the celebration of Steve`s life.
    I just want to add my own memories of Steve.
    I first knew Steve in `82 and used to sit in his bedroom at his Mom and Dad`s house talking about music and guitars. His Mom would always make us toasted sandwiches. Steve would call me and say `come and have a Breville moment at our house`! This was always the beginning of a Saturday in Birmingham at the Costermonger with all of the gang. The gang also included Wayne, Bernie and my then Girlfriend Anita (now wife of 25 years)and her friend Kim.
    We used to have a riot. I cannot remember laughing so much. We all used to take the mickey out of each other so much and Steve would have us rolling around. Anita and I will never forget the day we all spent in Stratford upon Avon one summers day. Wayne kept kicking our football into a family picnic that was going on nearby. Steve had tears in his eyes he laughed so much. I travelled around the UK with SHY for a few years and have some memories that are very precious.
    I feel privileged to have known Steve and to have been close to him in such exciting times for him and the band.
    Most other posts have included the same words, however, we will always remember Steve as a massive talent as a musician and songwriter, a mate forever but most importantly a very genuine, gentle bloke that would do anything for anybody.
    Our thoughts are with you and all of Steve`s family.

    RIP Steve x

  78. Just got this news and it saddens me deeply. Steve Harris is the best guitarist that few (here in the USA) even knew about…. so sad. I discovered SHY about 3 years ago and quickly became one of my favorite bands ever. The Harris and Mills team were beyond brilliant. One of the best is now gone. RIP….

  79. Wayne Price

    January 3, 2012

    In reply to John Farnells message (see posting above)…
    John, those were great days. You and Anita were fantastic people (and you probably still are!!!) and along with Kim, Bernie and of course Steve, we had some brilliant times following Shy in those early days. I remember that day in Stratford… we were also asked to leave McDonalds if you remember!
    I went to Steve’s funeral and it was very hard to say goodbye to him. It sounds a bit daft, I know, but even though we had lost touch there hasn’t been a day since his passing that I haven’t thought of Steve.
    He was a one-off and even typing this message I feel I could cry.
    If there is to be a benefit gig, admin, please count me in.
    All the best to you John, and the lovely Anita.
    God bless, Steve… I love you, mate.

  80. Bernie Jeffers

    January 4, 2012

    Unfortunately, i only heard about Steve a couple of days ago from John Farnell & his wife Anita. I used to hang around with Steve, Wayne Price, John & Anita, Kim & a few others. We all used to have a great time in each others company, making fun of each other, drinking in the Costermongers & going on various daytrips on bank holidays. Its during these times that we first met Deb.
    As everyone mentions Steve was a one-off, the great guy, an extremely personable fellow indeed. I enjoyed the occasional day out birdwatching on a few occasions & his thirst for knowledge was unbelieveable, he always a valuable source of information in whatever took his interest, whether it was birdwatching, reading books, sport, films(he loved his films & would always be recommending which ones to me) & of course music, the new up & coming albums, ha!! he was my personal reviewer.

    Upon hearing the news i was totally shocked!!
    I do hope you forgive for not writing on hear sooner, i spent so many hours in he company of Steve back then, it was difficult to know where to start when writing this.
    Over the recent years we lost touch, but every now & again Steve would pop into my workplace to say hello & we would catch up on the latest gossip & he would ask about Wayne, John & Anita. Of course, he would always tell me about the latest films that he watched & how the band Shy were getting on & yes Deb, he would always pass on your best wishes to me too.
    Anybody who knew him would always remember him for his great sense of humour, his ability to remember jokes used to amaze me, he always used to have me & others creasing up with laughter along with his mickey taking.

    Sorry for waffling on, but i have nothing but great memories, which i’m sure others do too.

    Steve, i’ll never forget you.
    If there’s anything i can do Deb, please let me know. Please count me in for attending the benefit gig.

  81. Only just read that Steve had passed away, cannot believe it. Steve was technically brilliant as a guitarist but the mark of a true artist lies in the imagination and heart that they put into their work. Steve wrote such beautiful music that will stand the test of time; the rockers are excellent but the ballads are simply stunning – no other word for them. Just listen to the likes of ‘Mary-Anne’, ‘Just Love Me’, ‘I’ll Be Home Tonight’ and ‘Tonight You’re Mine’ – you can almost hear the guitar crying. It didn’t matter who was holding the microphone, the quality of the songs always stood tall. The final album is incredible and probably the strongest, all round, that Shy ever released. A terrible loss to Deb and the world of music – I am just thankful that Steve left such a lasting and wonderful legacy in some of the most beautiful music ever written.

  82. Divorced form his sister in 2005, lost complete touch since then. My children his Niece and Nephew, told me the news this week! Total respect to a great guy who through the years was funny and a exceptionally talented guitarist. Funny my son is calling himself a Bassist now after learning to play. Anyway my thought are with you Debs albiet belated sorry. Steve!, ask him to ease off on the rain for a bit! yours Andy S

  83. I didnt know about shy until about a few months ago and just started to download all their music! I love the way steve harris plays the guitar with such feeling, just makes u wanna cry the way he hits those notes? He will be missed, what a great talent, my heart goes out to his family!! RIP steve. ur an angel with a guitar!!:)

  84. Having read this I thought it was rather enlightening.
    I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this short article together.

    I once again find myself spending a lot of time both reading and posting
    comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

  85. I was very sorry to hear of Steves passing.

    I realised one day, many years after starting to play guitar how much of an influence he had been on my playing. All those years listening, playing along records, back and forwards with the needle on the record copying his solos…. his melody and fire and the perfect balance of the two… what a great player he was.

    At the time I nearly looked him up, you know just to say.. “Hey you changed me! Thanks!” but I did not….
    Now, he knows all and sees everything. I am certain today he was around me and understood his good work.


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