Live In Europe as the title suggests is just that. It is the only live album available. It was recorded mostly in Tolouse France on the Excess All Areas Tour. The last third of the album was recorded at Surrey University in 1989 on the Missspent Youth Tour. It is an excellent album capturing an aor band at their peak and getting an excellent response from the fans in Europe.

The first 7 tracks are all off Excess All Areas, and translate live to what sounds like a large crowd enjoying themselves. You get excellent renditions of Break Down The Walls, Telephone, Talk To Me (could this have been a single?), and Young Heart which is my favourite off this album. The crowd response is excellent and the sound quality is superb. Tony Mills delivering his vocals amazingly clearly.

Edited from review by Richy Ingham,

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  1. When it comes to electrifying live performances, Shy rocked and this album captures the atmosphere perfectly.