In 1999 Neat Metal released 3 Shy albums, made up of unreleased material. Some tracks were demos, others were new recordings of released tracks. Let the Hammer Fall is the third of these releases. The other two are Regeneration and Live In Europe. The title track “Let The Hammer Fall” is an early version of ” Shake The Nations” , (except I think this is better!) which was released on the ” Misspent Youth” album. The other track redone for Misspent Youth is “Love is Just Another Word”. Other stand out tracks for me are : Time After Time & You’re Gonna Lose Her. There are tracks which are below par for Shy, but that is to be expected for a release of demos, B sides. Overall an interesting / quality AOR cd.

Edited from review by Richy Ingham,

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  1. Every Shy album is worth having. This one contains the early version of some songs that were reworked for later albums, basically only changing the lyrics. ‘It’s Over’ is one of their best ballads, and ‘Showdown’ kicks butt. Probably their most mellow album although it really isn’t mellow.