Shy were one of the pioneers of the grassroots ‘return to melody’ movement in British rock after the grim-faced rifferama of the NWOBHM, and their experience is well reflected in the thought that has evidently gone into arranging the nine tracks on this album.

Of course it’s all been done before, so it’s down to you how you shuffle all the elements as to just how well you’re going to be able to stand as individuals amongst all the other like-minded outfits – Shy have few problems in this department and keyboards player Pat McKenna distributes some particularly admirable stuff throughout the two sides…

Vocalist Tony Mills is unflaggingly excellent throughout; once or twice he comes respectably close to the incomparable Geoff Tate … and in one number (Caught In The Act) you’d swear that someone had dragged in Rik Emmett to recapture some of his ‘Allied Forces’ excesses of excellence.

Shy certainly hold adrenalin in high esteem, and it’s been richly invested in the material on the album. Only one ballad appears, but the refreshing approach to ‘Reflections’ adds individuality to a pretty basic format; elsewhere the banc are clearly on the run with fire in their eyes. ‘Hold On’, the single, may be catchy but it’s one of the more trivial offerings and pales into insignificance against the dark undertow of ‘The Hunter’, the triumphant ‘Caught In The Act’ or the slashing vigour of ‘My Apollo’ where bassist Roy Stephen Davies plays a starring role in driving the song along.

Edited from review by Paul Suter, Kerrang

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  1. Another quality effort. They redid “Reflections’ for this collection and it is slightly better than the original. Once again a must have for your Cd collection.