Steve’s funeral has now taken place – it was a Personal Tribute, a Celebration of his Life and a unique Farewell to a unique man.

The Tribute was written by the wonderful Celebrant Angela Mason OBE JP (thank you Angela, it was perfect) with personal Tributes from Deb Harris, Roy Davis, Joe Basketts, Lee Small, Bob Richards and Ian Richardson. Steve was carried to the chapel by Roy, Joe, Lee and Bob and led in by Ian to ‘Only the Night’ by Shy.  ‘Breathe’ by Shy was played and also ‘The Loner’ by the late Gary Moore who was one of Steve’s early influences.  The Celebration came to an end with ‘Union of Souls’ by Shy.

It was possibly the best farewell we could give to the amazing Mr. Steve Harris.

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7 Responses to “An update from Deb Harris”

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  1. Gary Stevenson

    December 6, 2011

    Dear Harris family & band members,
    very sorry and very upset to read steve Harris had passed away due illness.Have been a fan of SHY music since they managed the single deal on ebony records,i was one of the guitarists in TNT at the time,we recorded a song called sorry! Steve Harris was a very talented and prolific writer,he will be sadly missed.

  2. I discover only now Steve was a huge fan of Gary Moore,as I’ve always been.Two of the best guitarists leaving us too early.

  3. dave staggs

    December 8, 2011

    a great farewell to steve.the recent shy album is the best rock album of this year in my book steve went out on a high god bless him.

  4. Tuomas from Finland

    December 8, 2011

    I remember when I first time heard “Excess all areas” back in 87. I was 13 years old back then. It is one of the best rock /aor albums ever made. It’s hard to believe that Steve is gone. He was so talented and unique guitar player. His solos was full of emotion. He played so many great guitar solos, but in my opinion the one he played at the end of “skydiving” is the best. The new Shy -album is amazing. I’m glad that Steve and the boys managed to finish it before Steve passed away. It’s a great legacy of one of the best guitar player ever lived. I wish all the best to Steve’s family. My condolences in your sorrow.

  5. Chris anagnostou from athens

    December 19, 2011

    I have no words to say,thank you steve for your music.Will always (live for me)……..

  6. Darren Moore

    December 19, 2011

    So sad to hear this news, remember seeing Steve playing at the Viccy hall in stoke supporting Wasp of all bands, I was impressed by him, he looked the dogs with the cool white Fernades Shark on stage. Still think the solo in Can’t fight the night is one of the best I’ve heard for feel and emotion in a rock song – I can even remember it as it opens now… fantastic. The guys left his mark on music behind him.

  7. Wayne Price

    January 3, 2012

    I hear talk of a benefit concert in memory of Steve. Would you please let me know when this is taking place? I will be there.
    I hope you are bearing up… I know there are many, many people who are thinking about you. Look after yourself Deb and please feel free to get in touch if there’s anything I can do.