Steve was a unique and unforgettable man in every sense of the word and the beautiful tributes of admiration that everyone has left in his honour are heart-warming

.As Steve’s wife and Soulmate, I would describe him as….. loving, devoted, honest, happy, funny, respectful, calm, quiet, generous, attentive, responsible, protective, hardworking, achieving, nonjudgmental, charming, astoundingly gifted, artistic, creative, courteous, captivating, polite and wise.

Steve never acknowledged his outstanding musical talent nor did he crave recognition and he dealt with the devastating illness that randomly struck him down with fearless determination and immense bravery….never once complaining of the cruel hand he’d been dealt. There was never any talk of us being parted, he was forever positive and because he was as strong as an ox and as fit as a 20 year old, he was able to deal with the gruelling treatment that those struck down with a brain tumour have to endure in an attempt to prolong life.

Steve has and will always be my hero and what lies in the days ahead for me I do not know, but what I do know is that the unique bond that Steve and I shared can never be broken.

I’m so very proud of my man!

I would like to thank the following very special people who have been there for Steve and I, through the good and the very bad times and who have supported me through the horrendeous and life-changing event of losing him. Without these people, I don’t think I would be here myself….guys….I love you all:Ian Richardson (my Rock and an absolute star), Roy and Jaci Davis, Lee Small, Joe Basketts, Phil Docker, Claire Edwards, Andrew Warwick, Vicki and David Tait, Jane Dickinson, Steven Craven, Rita Eaton, Antony Blacker.

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4 Responses to “A message of thanks from Deb Harris”

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  1. Just a small note to say how very proud I was yesterday. I thought everyone did Steve proud. Special mention to Jacqui and Roy… you both made the occasion a lot easier for me and my wife. It was good to see Paddy again, too.
    After crying for 30 miles on the M5 yesterday, I got home and treated the neighbours to a bit of SHY! They all know who Steve Harris is now!
    Deb, I spoke briefly to you yesterday and you said you still couldn’t believe what has happened. I know how you feel.
    If there is ANYTHING I can do please get in touch. Once again, you can all hold your heads high in the knowledge that my mate had a great send-off and I thank you all for that.
    God bless, Steve.

  2. Thanks for your kind words Wayne, for caring and for being part of Steve’s Farewell Celebration…those early days when we would all meet up in the Costermonger bought back many happy memories for Steve and I over the years…and of course as an old school friend, you knew Steve longer than I did! To be honest, I can’t remember all the ‘details’ of yesterday’s farewell as some who are reading this will know, my mind hasn’t had a rest from grief and disturbing visual over-load for several years and it took all my strength and concentration to remain as composed as I could. I was totally over-whelmed by the entire occassion, surreal is one word that springs to mind – but you’re right Wayne, everybody directly involved and those who attended made an unbearable day a bit more bearable and to my ‘special people’ (you know who you are) BIG thank you x

  3. Do you know what, Deb?… When the time is right, maybe it would be a good idea for us all to meet up at the Costermonger in celebration of Steve’s life.
    It’s something I would certainly like: talking about Steve and swapping stories. He was a very big part of my growing up and I feel very numb at the moment.
    Look after yourself Deb. And be proud to have known Steve. I am.

  4. Micky Green

    July 26, 2013

    Dear Deb,I have only just heard that Steve had died and was not aware of the gig held in Birmingham otherwise I would have been there to celebrate his life and talent. When we knew them all in the early days as Trojan my kids were in their teens and the guys were always around our house in Olton. Steve, Tony , Paddy and all would sometimes stay over sleeping on the floor or whatever was available!!
    They then went on to be Shy and I seem to remember giving Tony a tenner for fish and chips when they went somewhere up north to record a first album.
    AS i am now 70 bloody six my memory is a bit dodgy but I have some early stuff and play it still. Am I now the oldest rocker and fan in Solihull?.

    The thing is I am still waiting when I listen to these recordings (with my earphones on and turned up to completely dangerous levels) to hear Steve play his solos. He was obviously born with one in his hands and really rings it’s neck.
    Love and best wishes,

    Mick Green